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Areas of Expertise


Don't let unforeseen risks harm your livestock on the farm or during transportation. Our risk assessment and management services aim at assessing risk of cattle, ovine, pork and poultry operations, assisting in mitigating potential losses, ensuring continuity and protecting profitability. Our services are rendered in cooperation with our network of veterinarians. We offer tailored service solutions to meet specific needs.


Our focus on the energy sector includes traditional and alternative energy sources, energy transformation and accumulation (batteries and fuel cells), as well as power lines. Count on us to provide accurate risk assessments, management and effective solutions to protect your organisation. Partner with us to understand and manage potential risks proactively.

Food Industry

Minimising risk is crucial to success in the food industry. We offer comprehensive risk assessment solutions for various types of food production and processing, also in respect of supply chain management, including the laboratory testing of ingredients and of finished or semi-finished goods. Our Team also have experience in biochemistry. With our risk assessment and management services, our clients know their operations, supply lines and products meet high standards.

Financial Institutions & Services

We specialise in financial fraud investigations, particularly focusing on insider fraud, providing accounting and forensic services. We understand the importance of assessing vulnerabilities and combating potential exposure, especially with the stakes are high. We can help protect insurance companies and intermediaries, banks and other financial institutions, as well as most commercial companies, also from losses involving the liability of directors and officers. We assist in minimising risk and safeguard against potential losses.

Processing & Manufacturing

Our risk management solutions for industrial processing and manufacturing are second to none. We understand the complex challenges that come with producing goods on a large scale, particularly the risk of product liability and contamination. Our Team has extensive experience in mitigating risks also associated with machinery breakdowns and other potential hazards. We work with our clients every step of the way to create a comprehensive and tailored approach to risk management in industrial processing and manufacturing.

Physical Security

We offer security surveying and installation services to protect your assets from theft, robbery and other criminal acts. Our planning and installation services for armoured doors and windows, security cameras, and anti-intrusion alarm systems provide protection for valuable items while they are transiting or stored in warehouses or commercial premises, or simply at home. Our network of art experts may also be engaged for fine art and specie claims investigations.

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